The Buchan Archive

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  • 2023

    Our Biggest and Craziest year yet!

  • 2022

    The Buchan Brand is growing like crazy. This year was the turning point from small clothing Brand to becoming an actual big, mature Brand.

    Our first ever shoes the Buchan Bunks got released on March 27th. They sold out in one hour, insane!

    At this point I had worked almost an entire year at perfecting the Bunks.

    Not long after, the Moonlight Bunks came. That was the craziest moment yet for Buchan, at this moment I truly felt that Buchan had the potential to become a big, global clothing and shoe brand.

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  • 2021

    In 2021 Buchan truly found it's identity. Creating streetwear clothing for the creative youth and using earth tone colors with arabic influence.

    We started of with the 1 year anniversary, our biggest drop to that point. It was a big succes!

    Later on we also released the Peace of Mind and Four Horsemen Collections. Both also went really well and expressed the Buchan message further.

    We also did the first ever Buchan Meetup, it was amazing and we felt that Buchan is truly becoming a community.

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  • 2020

    Buchan started on January 30th 2020 by Elijah Buchan.

    I started out with cutting clothes and sewing them back together. That's how the eye pants came to existance.

    Soon after I decided to start designing, stepping away from sewing everything by hand.

    I learned everything by myself through YouTube tutorials and seaching on the Internet.

    Buchan started with only 20 hoodies and 15 t-shirts and grew from there. I didn't start with a lot of money and just put everything I earned back in the brand.

    In November I released the Equity Warrior hoodie, our first truly succesful item.

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